We are continuing to take in rugs for cleaning and repair. However, they can only be dropped and/or collected off by prior appointment. We can not offer a card payment option at this time but cash can be posted in our letterbox or bank transfer arranged.

Collection and Delivery service will be re-instated shortly.

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We established ourselves ourselves in Cheshire over 30 years ago and rapidly became the North West's Leading Horse Rug Cleaning, Waterproofing and Repair Specialists.

We moved to Retford, Nottinghamshire in August 2002. Although we are a small family run firm. We at "Horse Rug Service" can offer a complete, professional service for your Horse Rugs. "Rug Cleaning Companies" come and go and our prices are often undercut - (it is the only way our rivals can compete), However, we firmly believe that we offer a level of service second to none. 


  At Horse Rug Service, we are only too aware that horses are an expensive hobby, the cost of rugs and tack alone can run into several £100's. Yet every year we are presented with mud encrusted, top of the range rugs, that have been left all summer in the corner of a tack-room to fall victim to mildew and rodents. Rug linings are often matted with sweat and/or shed hair and many rugs have minor damage that is hidden by grime.

Sometimes the need for cleaning and repair does not become apparent until the end of the year when the rugs are brought out again for re-use. The problem is then, the best rug cleaning company's, who are already busy with their other workload, get inundated with "urgent" last minute requests that they are are unable to process orders in such a short space of time.

The best time to send your winter rugs to be cleaned is in the Spring and Summer, when they are no longer needed. They can be allowed to dry naturally in the open air rather than rushed through dryers. They can then be returned to you in a restored condition and neatly packed ready for storage. This is also a good time to check for any alterations or adjustments that may need doing.

Please be specific when asking for repairs, unless instructed otherwise ALL repairs will be undertaken. Likewise, if repairs are not requested then NONE will be done.

To proof or not to proof? -Even if your rug is not very old, if your horse rolls a lot and/or rubs against walls and fences, these actions all contribute to breaking down the waterproofing properties. Soil and sand contain abrasive particles that get into the fibres and rubs & scratches damage the outer. -  For a small outlay you will have extra protection and peace of mind.

Please remember that no amount of proofing will protect 100% against prolonged exposure to the British weather, especially the excessive rainfalls we have been experiencing. It is always advisable to have a spare and not to expect to go through the winter with just one rug.


  • Lightweight Stable rugs £7.00
  • Med - Heavy weight -Stable rugs £8.00
  • XL Stable rugs £9.00
  • Lightweight Turnout rugs £7.00 Wash & Proof £15
  • Med - Heavy weight Turnout  rugs £8.00
  • Wash & Proof £16
  • XL Turnout Rugs £9.00
  • Wash & Proof £18
  • Small Pony stable rugs £5.00
  • Small Pony turnout rugs £5.00
  • Wash & Proof £10
  • Neck (separate or attached) £1.00 Wash & Proof £2.00
  • L/W Coolers/Sheets etc £4.00
  • Fly Rugs, Fleeces £6.00
  • Numnahs, saddle cloths/pads from £1.00  
  • Repairs From £2.50

Prices inclusive of V.A.T.  


Min order £50 (eg Average 10 assorted items wash only or 5 wash & proof ~ Free within 5 mile radius of Retford or scheduled delivery route.

 All work guaranteed

Under certain circumstances, we will also repair rugs that have been cleaned elsewhere. Priority will be given to our own clients.

We do not repair dirty rugs.